Buy Original Art – Why Buy Original Art For Your Home?


We like to live in a little bit of luxury, feel comfortable and be able to relax. This is so central to our well-being and we really don’t spend enough time doing it!

Why not?

We’re so busy and our homes are filled with distracting technology. No time to relax when our TV programmes are on, or our phone or tablet demands our attention. All these things keep our minds constantly ticking and unable to slow down.

How can we facilitate an environment which is conducive to being able to relax?


Indulge in your space. Make your house a home!

This isn’t just about what’s on your wall, but the furniture and decor. It’s great to be able to have mix and match style of decor, which you can subtly tweak for the seasons or as your mood suits you.

However, when it does come to what goes on your wall. Now that has to be special! It’s something that you will see every day, you’ll be influenced by it every time you look at it.

So what do you want to see on your walls? How do you want to feel?

I don’t know about you, but I love something inspirational. It might be my favourite view, subject or item which conjures memories. It might be a beautiful scene of a place you want to go. It might be something a little more abstract which has devastatingly beautiful colours and textures which inspires you. It might be your pet or favourite wild animal. It could be anything you want!

It doesn’t matter which room; dine with incredible views whether it’s in your kitchen, dining table or on a tray on your lap. Relax in the lounge with the TV and your favourite portraits or pets looking at you. Perhaps it’s for your bedroom where you really want to be able to escape. Or even the toilet; when you have a few minutes to yourself and want to be inspired.

Your home shows off your personality – transform your living place into a loving place. Allow yourself to capture life through art and crafts and enjoy them from the seclusion and shelter of your own home.

My aim is quite simple; my art, your space – I want to create inspiring spaces, where my artworks are vibrant focal points for any space. There is no better way to add character to your space than with a completely original one-off piece.

Make it utterly unique! It’s all about you!

If I can be a part of that, well then I’m humbled. Please browse my portfolio and shop or drop me an email about a commission for your home.

Does a commission have to be expensive? Not at all; most of my commissions are comparable to my normal artwork prices with only a small mark-up. This is purely to cover my time to source materials; such as a particular canvas size and colour scheme as required, compositional design, and depending on when you require it, prioritising your commission first!

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