Online Art Auction – How Successful Is An Online Art Auction For Local Artists?

In 2014 I took part in an online art auction set up by Kent Creative Arts.

The Online Art Auction was a simple and easy way to sell artwork without having to worry about promotion, marketing or dealing with the sales process. From the perspective of the buyer it was a simple and easy way to buy unique artwork from local artists.

The buyer could browse the art and if they found something they liked, they could bid for it. The auction opened from Monday 26th May 2014 8:00am and closed on Sunday 1st June 2014 6:00pm.

Online Art Auction

But does an online art auction work? I know I personally didn’t sell anything from it.

I had a catch-up with the organiser of the auction Nathalie Banaigs to get her view.

Interview with Nathalie Banaigs about Online Art Auctions

1 – Firstly how did you get started on the Kent Creative Arts path?

I set up Kent Creative Arts as a Community Interest Company in 2009 to use as a platform for our 365 photography projects. It has been an appropriate and useful model that fitted my values and broader social purposes framing Kent Creative Arts’s mission: to encourage and promote arts and culture in Kent.

2 – What gave you the idea to do an online art auction?

It was test and an experience. I was curious to see how people (artists and buyers) would react locally, in Kent.

3 –  How did you find the experience?

As it was a test, we didn’t push the promotion and I am pleased we didn’t. The interest through our existing contacts was very little. It would require a massive marketing campaign to make it work, on a much wider scale. I would rather organise a live auction instead.

4 – Would you do it again? If so what would you do differently?

I would do it live, as an event.

5 – You do so much for the creative industry in Kent, what are your current and future projects?

Current on-going project is Kent Creative Live, a networking group for artists and creative people in Kent. The latest projects I started recently are the Kent Creative Awards and the ‘Kent Creative Live Show’. I am very excited about both of them as they are developing beyond my expectations. As a future project, I would like to do another 365 project, this time on a wider area in the county.

6 – If people want to get involved, what advice would you give them?

Whatever you do, I think we all need a vision and a some kind of plan, so we know where we’re going, just like planning a holiday.


For me, I think this was as I expected. I loved the idea, but the practicality of an online auction would take much more effort and promotion.

Thanks again to Nathalie who is such an inspiration to the local art scene in Kent; she has done so many successful creative projects.