Buy Art From eBay – Why do People Buy Art from eBay?

Buy art from eBay?!


I didn’t even think of selling my art on eBay for a long while – for me it wasn’t a natural platform to sell my paintings.

eBay even caters for this; they have a ‘Collectables & Art section’ and within that an ‘Art’ category.

From there you can search within:

  • Art from Dealers and Resellers.
  • Direct from the Artist.
  • Wholesale Lots.

‘Direct from the Artist’ caught my attention a last year when I made the decision to sell a few pieces by eBay. From there I discovered that my smaller paintings started selling like hot cakes, whereas the larger slightly more expensive ones weren’t as effective.

I asked a handful of my  buyers some questions around buying art from eBay.

Why By Art From eBay?

Initially I couldn’t understand why on earth people would buy art from eBay; a luxury item on a platform that is known for being able to get bargains and cheap deals.

All of the responses started in the same way. They were searching for either an artist, a poster print or something else art-related. From there, they would look around and see what else is on offer. None of them actually started out looking for original art specifically, it was something they discovered when browsing. From there many of them realised that they could afford some of these original pieces and investigated further.

Repeat custom

What I also found is that people who purchase art on eBay tend to come back! Affordability and originality is important to my buyers. eBay is such a user-friendly platform with great functionality, my buyers could browse within the constraints of their search very easily.

People who purchase art on eBay tend to come back!


Some of my more financially sensible buyers also liked the fact that they could put a price cap on their search – ensuring that they only see artwork that’s within their budget. That’s an interesting note for those who do a fixed price listing with a ‘buy now or best offer’. If go too high and you may sit outside some potential buyer searches.

However in the same breath I’ll add that the ‘best offer’ functionality was also appealing to some of my buyers, that added bonus of getting affordable art at an even better deal.


Something I also discovered is that my buyers are often searching not just for particular subjects, but also styles – perhaps something similar to one of the masters; Monet, Van Gogh, Turner etc… or perhaps a colour-scheme to fit in with their decor, or perhaps a certain size. That’s something I’m going to revisit to improve my descriptions in order to take this into account.


eBay helps to bridge that gap between the perception of expensive original art versus having accessible original art.

If it’s on eBay then it’s not going to have inflated gallery prices.

And that’s the thought process of some of my buyers, they feel safe purchasing from eBay and were pleasantly surprised to discover what they could purchase something original, direct from the artist, with their budget.

People who wouldn’t  necessarily dream of thinking that they could afford something from an online gallery or even direct from an artist website, suddenly realise that they can own original art – this opens up a whole new world to them.

It’s certainly helped me to recognise why my smaller paintings have been so successful and I love the idea that I can create and sell affordable art, but actually affordable art, not just use that buzz word which is now overused on many websites – but allow everyday people, just like myself, to purchase original art without breaking the bank.

It’s an amazing feeling!