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My Artistic Search for…More! Featured in Painters Online

Painters Online Article

My Artistic Search for…More!

In school I learned about line, form, light and shadow, I learned these skills carefully and aimed to recreate what I saw on the page. We used acrylic paint and I was good at this; able to create an accurate representation of what I was copying.

This was praised at first, then criticised. After being taught how to capture what I saw accurately I was then encouraged to be inaccurate. Students around me were being applauded for originality, intention and concept – more than skill and technique.

Overall people thought I was good, but I distinctly got the impression that ‘good’ wasn’t really enough, and I didn’t  understand why. I spent some time looking at my landscapes, they were very pleasing – but they didn’t blow me away.

Life took over for a while and it wasn’t until many years later that I returned to art and I’ll be honest, a bit of a struggle began. It began with a lack of confidence; I needed to prove to myself that I was a good artist. For a while I played about with different methods of using acrylic and created what I thought were some really nice paintings. I exhibited a little, sold a few, it was going pretty well.

However I felt like there was nothing really distinctive about these paintings, they were nice, and don’t get me wrong, I was proud of them – but they didn’t jump out at me. I needed more out of my art….featured in the ‘Bonus Features May 2018’ section of the Painters Online website. Read the full article here.