Artists & Illustrators – Editors Pick for Portfolio Plus Wildlife Gallery

Editor’s Pick: Portfolio Plus Wildlife Gallery

I’m proud to say that one of my paintings has been chosen as the editors pick for the Artists & Illustrators Wildlife Gallery.

Each month, Portfolio Plus artworks are showcased in a themed online exhibition – promoted to readers of Artists & Illustrators via email and celebrated across popular social media feeds.

Bald Eagle Art

Bald Eagle Painting

This powerful bird of prey is easily recognisable with the unmistakable bright white plumage which contrasts against the brown body. It typically takes four to five years to achieve this distinctive colouration. Strangely the bald eagle isn’t actually bald. The name comes from a ‘white’ rather than without hair, which is an older meaning of the word bald.

In this painting I really wanted to emphasise the contrast between the yellow and white against a dark background. I love the strong gaze as the eagle looks proudly up. The term ‘eagle eye’ has been coined for a reason, they have sharper and wider field of vision, at least four times that of human. I wanted to affirm this fact in my painting by making the detail of the eye very strong.

Original Painting Sold

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  • Original Contemporary Cornish Landscape Painting
  • Acrylic on 1.5″ box canvas with painted sides
  • 80x60cm/31.5×23.5″ (2015)
  • Signed