5 Tips on how to Successfully Commission Art

Commission Painting

Most artists are more than willing to create a custom piece of artwork. When I receive requests for a commission it’s either to create a similar piece to something that already exists but in a different size or to paint something based on a photo which may hold fond memories. I’ve also had requests to

Oil or Acrylic? What is best to use?

Oil or Acrylic? It’s an age old question and one I’ve struggled with for a while. As a general rule, and admittedly what swayed me for many years, is that acrylics are cheaper and more affordable than oils. At that rather shallow analysis in my equally shallow youth, I left it at that and for

Buy Direct From The Artist – How to Buy Art Directly from Artists

Many people think buying original art is beyond their financial reach, an expensive luxury that is only available to the upper class. However times have changed and the Internet has opened up a world where artists can reach people and people can reach artists. The best thing about that is, without galleries – the price

How To Create A Successful Art Blog

Successful Art Blog

So many artists are struggling to get by with full or part-time jobs in order to pay the bills. There are many of us out there, and we know that we can’t rely on an online gallery to build up a customer base, therefore have to be more creative in order to build a business

How Do You Know When Your Painting Is Ready To Sell?

It’s difficult when you’ve just finished a painting to take an objective view; you’ve just put all that hard work into it and you feel that you deserve for the painting to be finished. It’s the first time you see it complete and everything is still fresh. Is your painting ready to sell?

Artist Book – Should I Create An Artist Book?

Artist Book

I received an email the other day from one of my favourite artists Erin Hanson, in this email I saw that she had published a book of her work called ‘Open Impressionism’. The book looks stunning but it got me thinking. Why create an artist book and will it really make a difference? I dropped

Buy Original Art – Why Buy Original Art For Your Home?

Buy Original Art

We like to live in a little bit of luxury, feel comfortable and be able to relax. This is so central to our well-being and we really don’t spend enough time doing it! Why not? We’re so busy and our homes are filled with distracting technology. No time to relax when our TV programmes are

Artist CV – How To Write An Artist’s CV Which Doesn’t Suck

Artist CV

Whenever you want to apply for an exhibition, gallery or art show, or even just reaching out and promoting your art, it’s important to have a way of presenting factual information about yourself. An artist CV should be able to tell the reader about you and art-related activities you’ve undertaken. It’s not a selling tool