I was pleased to be invited by Dan – owner of popular blog Empty Easel – to write another guest post for his blog. This article was published on Wednesday 25th September.

I don’t consider myself the strongest painter of water. . . but I do create a lot of paintings around the coast, so I need to be able to paint the wet stuff!

Fistral Beach Art

As I paint, I tend to follow the principle that nothing is completely observed and nothing is completely imagined. This allows me to have the best of both worlds when painting. I use what I see in front of me in order to understand what I’m painting and how the light reflects and refracts through water, but. . . I also like to take it beyond reality.

I might try to bring out more intense colours, exaggerate the waves, or change the colours to fit my current colour palette. I just like to make full use of my artistic license!