Art Inspiration – ‘Shadows and Light’ at the Eden Project


Experience is highly manipulable and context dependent. Your mind constantly gathers information and makes associations about things around you. Therefore if you’re open to ideas; then sounds, words, images, events, moments, beliefs, values, anything could be a discovery and potential art. Just think, at any given moment i could uncover something new and unexpected!

As an artist, I crave those moments.

Specialising in Cornish landscapes I’m typically never short on inspiration, but it’s a truly humbling experience to find something outside the normal which can really inspire you.

The ‘Shadows and Light Christmas’ experience at the Eden Project was very atmospheric and inspirational. You were guided through a sensation of sights and sounds as you walked around the grounds. The rainforest biome was especially impressive; following a trail of light and colour bouncing off and through an abundance of foliage.

I’m always looking for new ways to represent familiar landscapes, often through the use the tangible and intangible. I like to take both normal and beautiful scenes and add some magic to it. I wonder what I can do with this extraordinary feast for the eyes?

A couple of my favourite pics below.

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