An infusion of my Cornish landscape paintings onto aluminum metal, protected by acrylic and working together to provide stunning luminous prints.

Discover my impressionist Cornish landscapes printed on contemporary metal prints, courtesy of Rice Metals, based in Goonhavern.

The infusion of the image onto aluminium provides stunning luminous prints. Fronted with transparent acrylic you get extra protection as well as allowing them to stand on their own. The durable material and professional finish means that metal art has immense longevity; they are also scratch-resistant, waterproof and extremely light.

When I typically look at a photo of my work, I’m happy with it, but it’s never the same as viewing the original; the different textures and subtle light effects that you get when looking at a painting in the flesh.

However there is something different but ultimately rewarding about these prints; they are radiant and contemporary.

The longevity and brilliance of metal prints make them an increasingly popular choice for home decor.

It’s very satisfying to unite myself, a local artist, and a local business, and come up with such a striking product, I’m a huge fan!

  • Square art print onto 3mm thick aluminium.
  • Acrylic fronted with stainless steel stand-offs, no frame required.
  • 15x15cm/9×9″
  • Larger sizes available on request – please drop me an email    

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