Filming with Everlasting Postcards


I was asked by Darren Rice, owner of Rice Metals to take part in an advert for his new venture Everlasting Postcards.


In order to prepare for the filming session I had to prepare a painting in different stages.

With only three weeks to get ready I needed a relatively safe painting subject to complete within three weeks as well as having another three created at the same time and stopped earlier in the process.

I have a few paintings of Bedruthan Steps under my belt, so I felt confident that I could create another for this purpose.

I’ve never tried to create three of the same paintings, so this was an interesting experiment.


I finished my painting the day before filming, happy with the result. Depsite a degree in TV production and a career in the media I was still unsure what to expect.

In order to capture the different stages of the painting Richard from Sloth Productions locked off the camera to keep it in a fixed position.

For each take we swapped out the four different canvases; one blank and then using the canvases I had prepared and I did some work on each.

The Richard filmed me at various angles building up my painting.

The Advert

You can see the advert on the home page of Everlasting Postcards.

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