Misty Tintagel

Tintagel Art
Tintagel Art

Tintagel Painting

Original Contemporary Cornish Landscape Tintagel Painting

by Cornish Artist Diane Griffiths

I think everyone is enchanted with Tintagel and the legend of King Arthur; it’s a magical place with a magical legend. The landscape itself is really unique and exciting; with cliffs, caves, castles and waterfalls. It’s a place where you can let your imagination run wild, and that’s exactly what happened with this painting. I didn’t want to paint what I saw but what I felt in this location – wholly inspired by an impressionistic style, drenched with mist, mystery and suggestion.

  • Original Contemporary Cornish Landscape Painting.
  • Acrylic and enamel on cotton canvas with painted sides.
  • 50x50cm/20×20″ (2017).
  • Certificate of Authenticity included.
  • Signed.

Art Shop

Misty Tintagel Original Painting (only 1 available)
Misty Tintagel Original Painting (only 1 available)
Original Painting
Misty Tintagel At Print 30x30cm
Misty Tintagel At Print 30x30cm
Art Print 30x30cm
Misty Tintagel Metal Postcard
Misty Tintagel Metal Postcard
Metal Postcard

If you aren’t based in the UK or have any questions about this artwork please drop me an email diane@handonart.com.

Metal Postcards

Everlasting Postcards – The Metal Postcard Company

Introducing the ‘Everlasting Postcard’; a postcard that’s made of materials that last forever; just what it says on the tin, sorry aluminium!

Everlasting postcards capture the need to communicate and stay in touch in a personal way, whilst protecting traditional concepts of the postcard surprise that lands on your doormat. You might be a fan of email or social media, but you can’t deny the excitement of getting something physical in the mail!

As an artist what I really love about this concept is that they embrace traditional concepts in modern materials, allowing my art to reach a new audience.

  • 15x10cm solid aluminium metal with rounded corners.
  • Tear resistant and waterproof.
  • Pop on a stamp and post worldwide, individually wrapped for postage.
  • Produced in Cornwall by Rice Metals

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