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Introducing the ‘Everlasting Postcard’; a postcard that’s made of materials that last forever; just what it says on the tin, sorry aluminium!

Everlasting postcards capture the need to communicate and stay in touch in a personal way, whilst protecting traditional concepts of the postcard surprise that lands on your doormat. You might be a fan of email or social media, but you can’t deny the excitement of getting something physical in the mail!

As an artist what I really love about this concept is that they embrace traditional concepts in modern materials, allowing my art to reach a new audience.

Whether you write a message and post them like any other postcard, or keep them for yourself, you will never have to worry about them tearing, getting wet or fading. 

About the Everlasting Postcard

  • 15x10cm solid aluminium metal with rounded corners.
  • Tear resistant and waterproof.
  • Pop on a stamp and post worldwide, individually wrapped for postage.
  • Produced in Cornwall by Rice Metals

How do you use an Everlasting Postcard?

  1. Purchase the postcard
  2. Use a pen to write your message and the recipients address on the back.
  3. Purchase a stamp
  4. Post!

The back of your Everlasting postcard has the layout of an ordinary postcard. Just write your message, name and address and add the stamp. Post in the same way and at the same price. 

Browse the collection

Take a look at the available postcards via my Etsy Gift Shop, I’ve only just re-launched the shop so keep an eye out for more products coming soon.

Working with local Cornish business Everlasting Postcards.

Creating Everlasting Memories

Wherever – Whenever – Forever

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