I’m pleased to hear that my guest post ‘How to Know When a Painting is finished’ for popular art blog Empty Easel made 2nd on the list of the top 10 posts 2019.

To kick things off this month, I figured I’d share a few of my favorite posts from the past year. . . enjoy!

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Dan @ Empty Easel

How to Know When a Painting is Finished?

Being creative is scary.

I often feel conflicted between pursuing my freedom of expression as I paint a landscape, versus accurately capturing what I see in the landscape I’m painting.

For as much of the painting as I can, I don’t try to control my process. I use creative techniques and play about with different mediums and tools. It’s a process of trust and I’m open to suggestions from the painting itself.

This part of the painting happens organically. I only feel part responsible for the outcome—and it takes some of the pressure off.

Landscape painting before it's finished

Then I get past the middle point, and I know I need to pull it all together. I need to finish it. And that’s when it gets scary again. I’m back to a battle between freedom and detail. I don’t want to overwork the painting, but I want to do enough!