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Discover more about the artist behind the art. The history of my art journey; a little about my background, tools and inspiration.

My Signature ‘Beachscape’ Collection

The emotion of this collection comes from my childhood memories but the style of this collection is influenced by a much loved painter, L.S. Lowry. My beachscapes might feel like a world away from the mill scenes and industrial landscapes of Lowry’s work; where the figures are often leaning forward with heads down, moving towards their destination rather than enjoying being where they are. And yet many people are reminded of Lowry when they look at these paintings.
Lowry’s figures were often dark, thin and elongated, given
the name of ‘matchstick men’ by a critic – a name which Lowry didn’t like, but a name which sticks fondly in the minds of many people when they think of Lowry. In these paintings I want people to be able to spend time looking around all elements of the picture; seeing something new or conjuring a cherished holiday memory with every glance.

Artist Diane Griffiths

Escape to Cornwall

My favourite thing to do when I’m not working or painting is to explore Cornwall. I grew up in landlocked Midlands so going to the seaside was always a real treat for me, something so removed from daily life it felt magical. That first moment when the sea comes into view and you want to be the first one to see it! The feeling of sand in my toes, the fresh air which is slightly too fresh, the sound of the crashing waves, enormous colourful sunsets, sandy chips, sunburnt evenings, breakfast paddles and cheap souvenirs. Utter satisfaction!

It’s my memories of spending time on a busy beach in the height of the school holidays which left a lasting impression on me and inspired me to try and capture that holiday feeling on canvas.

There’s no place like home, except for the beach!

Mermaid Street

Work-Life Balance

After many years working in London, I’m often engulfed by the frenzy of busyness as life rushes by me; I work for a media company in London where getting everything ready for yesterday is my daily diet. Art is one of the few things that helps me to take a minute, grab some fresh perspective and then remember that it’s ok to take some time for me.

Tiger Art


After that I settled down to life and it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I returned to art. A well-executed drawing is still key for me, but the right balance between technical and creative is most challenging, and most frustratingly, it cannot be taught! What’s a great painting and what’s just a mess?

How it Began

In school I learned about line, form, light and shadow, I learned these skills carefully and aimed to recreate what I saw on the page. This was praised at first, then criticised. Students around me were being applauded for originality, intention and concept – more than skill and technique. Overall people thought I was good, but I distinctly got the impression that ‘good’ wasn’t really enough, and at the time I didn’t really understand why.

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