The Stork

Original Art 91x61cm (original sold)

Original Contemporary Wildlife Stork Portrait Painting

by Artist Diane Griffiths

This is actually an African stork; Abdim’s White-bellied Black Stork. The painting is based on a photo I took at London Zoo. The stork was there for an instant, right above me, before it flew to another part of the enclosure. I was lucky to get the photo. I was so taken with the composition and colour this was a painting which practically jumped onto the canvas. Working the background primarily in enamels and the stork in acrylic, there is a striking contrast between the vibrant blue sky and the black feathers.

The introduction of enamels in this work allowed me create a huge amount of movement in this painting; the sky swirls in many different directions while the beak cuts abruptly across. While I’m not trying to be photo-realistic, I do want to depict a certain amount of technical accuracy in order to capture something about the stork. There is an innocence in the moment; to stop, take a quick look around before moving on. We see a crisp fleeting moment, the stork pauses while the world around him continues to be in motion.

Original Painting Sold

  • Original Contemporary Woodland Landscape Painting
  • Acrylic on 1.5″ box canvas with painted sides
  • 91x61cm/36×24″ (2015)
  • Signed


  • ‘The Stork’ featured on Artists & Illustrators 2018 Calendar
Artists & Illustrators Calendar

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