Cornish Artist - My Art, Your Space!


Artist Diane Griffiths

Inspired by the beauty of wildlife and British countryside I take pride in my work and strive to discover something new in every painting.

I look for new ways to represent familiar landscapes; bring your cherished memories into your home or tap into your aspirations, where do you want to go? It’s easy to forget, but living in the UK, there is so much ‘home’ to explore!

I want people to experience something familiar, in a new way.

My work is created in a combination of acrylics and enamels; enamel allows me to play about creatively with tones and textures, then acrylic allows me to take back some control and capture detail.

I’m heavily influenced by impressionism and post-impressionism. I love the extravagant use of colour, the flowing yet hasty brush strokes, the effects of sunlight and shadow. I also aim to inject an emotive and almost allusive air to my landscapes – we’re not just recognising the landscape but recognising an emotion that the landscape evokes.


How it Began


Looking at the above photo - the artist potential in me wasn't obvious at first!

In school I learned about line, form, light and shadow, I learned these skills carefully and aimed to recreate what I saw on the page.

This was praised at first, then criticised. After being taught how to capture what I saw accurately I was then encouraged to be inaccurate.

Students around me were being applauded for originality, intention and concept – more than skill and technique.

Overall people thought I was good, but I distinctly got the impression that 'good' wasn't really enough, and at the time I didn’t really understand why.


Gallery Image

After that I settled down to life and it wasn't until my mid-twenties that I returned to art.

A well-executed drawing is still key for me, but the right balance between technical and creative is most challenging, and most frustratingly, it cannot be taught! What’s a great painting and what’s just a mess?

I have to promise myself not to be quick to critique and open my mind.

How can I grow if I can’t see things in different ways?

Work-Life Balance

Baby Gorilla

After many years working in London, I'm often engulfed by the frenzy of busyness as life rushes by me; I work for a media company in London where spreadsheets, processes and getting everything ready for yesterday is my daily diet. It can be hard to stop and take a breath.

Art is one of the few things that helps me to take a minute, grab some fresh perspective and then remember that it's ok to take some time for me.

Escape to the Country


I've recently moved to Cornwall and I’m excited to be near the beach, breathe fresh sea air and take long coastal walks. To finally live where I choose to holiday every year.

Here my paintings have taken a taken on an ethereal quality, where I have allowed my paints to take me on a journey and discover new ways of portraying the world around me.