Diane Griffiths Cornish Artist – My Art, Your Space!

Contemporary artist based in Newquay

As you can see, living in Cornwall is a huge part of my inspiration; the dramatic cliffs, vast ever-changing skies, sparkling seas, and just an overwhelming sense of space and freedom.

I love spending time in the landscape and it’s no surprise that it’s what I enjoy to paint the most. For me it’s not just about recognising the landscape but recognising an emotion it evokes, the memories that get created and the connections you make which keeps you coming back for more.

My work is created in a combination of acrylics, oils and enamels; I enjoy experimenting with the quick-drying precision of acrylics, the juicy thick texture of oils and the startling affects you can get with enamels. It’s a way of painting which always surprises and challenges me.

As an artist I want to capture your interest within seconds.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I like to talk to my readers in a glance.

How it Began

Diane Griffiths Cornish Artist

In school I learned about line, form, light and shadow, I learned these skills carefully and aimed to recreate what I saw on the page.

This was praised at first, then criticised. Students around me were being applauded for originality, intention and concept – more than skill and technique. Overall people thought I was good, but I distinctly got the impression that ‘good’ wasn’t really enough, and at the time I didn’t really understand why.


After that I settled down to life and it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I returned to art. A well-executed drawing is still key for me, but the right balance between technical and creative is most challenging, and most frustratingly, it cannot be taught! What’s a great painting and what’s just a mess?


Work-Life Balance

Diane Griffiths Cornish ArtistAfter many years working in London, I’m often engulfed by the frenzy of busyness as life rushes by me; I work for a media company in London where getting everything ready for yesterday is my daily diet. Art is one of the few things that helps me to take a minute, grab some fresh perspective and then remember that it’s ok to take some time for me.



Escape to the Country

Black Humphrey RockI’ve recently moved to Cornwall and I’m excited to be near the beach, breathe fresh sea air and take long coastal walks. To finally live where I choose to holiday every year.

I specialise in Cornish landscapes and am never short of inspiration. One of the things I find fascinating living by the sea are the vast open skies; it’s something I really enjoy capturing on canvas and you’ll see in my later paintings that skies often feature quite prominently.