Newquay’s Arts and Culture Festival Art8 brings together the community and covers many areas of art; events, exhibits and workshops involving film, craft, spoken word, dance, photography, theatre, music, literature and more. Art8 returns to Newquay from 18th – 20th May 2018 . Steam Bar will be partners for the 2018 festival hosting a range of exhibitions and events over the weekend alongside other local venues.

Art8 Newquay 2018

Having only moved to Cornwall last year I am really keen to search out other Cornish artists and find out more about their art and how they find Cornwall. For me it’s about expanding my knowledge and my network; discovering about Cornwall and how it inspires people. One of the names which kept coming up in my searches was Melanie McDonald. I had to find out more.

Melanie McDonald – Conjure up Cornish Memories

Stunning coastal landscapes and more. Bought a beautiful original painting of Fern Pit Cafe, Newquay as a Christmas present for my husband, whose family has owned the property for generations. Amazing atmospheric sky and realistic view of the cafe. Delighted to have it as the centre piece in our lounge.

Julie King

Oil or Acrylic? It’s an age old question and one I’ve struggled with for a while. As a general rule, and admittedly what swayed me for many years, is that acrylics are cheaper and more affordable than oils. At that rather shallow analysis in my equally shallow youth, I left it at that and for years I painted with acrylics. That’s not a terrible thing by the way, I love acrylics – but I’ve often wondered whether I’m missing out.

Oil or Acrylic? What is best to use?

Whistlefish Whistlefish is a greetings cards, art, gifts and stationery company founded by artist Lyn Thompson. They support artists locally and nationally but handpicking a selection of favourites in traditional, contemporary and modern styles. I’m pleased to announce that I have now joined their band of handpicked artists and some of my work features on their products.

Whistlefish – Hand on Art features on Whistlefish Products

Absolutely love this lady's work and can't recommend her highly enough, she really captures the beauty and the feel of an area we both love.The colours are stunning. She is always a pleasure to deal with, and very reasonably priced considering the high quality of the work she produces. I have several of her original pieces, my only regret is that I haven't got the space to display the pieces in the manner they deserve!


There is nothing like the instant gratification of viewing the photo you just took. However while the technology may be instant, the skill in becoming a photographer takes patience and practice. I rely heavily on my photography skills in order to build up a library of images that I can refer to for my paintings. While I get inspiration by being out in the countryside, my memory is imperfect – so my personal inspiration library is a combination of feelings, emotions and experiences captured in my head, and photos captured on my camera. Between the two I can get the sense and the detail.

My Photo Library

Having seen a photo of a fabulous sunset that Diane had taken we asked if she would paint it for us and we were amazed at how great it looks, the colours are fantastic and we think she has captured it perfectly, we can't wait to put it on our wall and would definitely ask Diane to paint something for us again.

Lesley Corroyer

I was looking for a striking piece of art for my new kitchen diner and having seen Diane's work before I knew that I would be getting a great piece. I purchased the bald eagle on a black canvas which looks fantastic and is a real talking point when people come round. It arrived very quickly and was well packaged. Excellent art / great service, highly recommend Diane to anyone.

Chris Middleton

After moving to Cornwall this year I look back with fond memories of London – while I don’t mind a visit – I’d never live there again. But it did make me wonder what’s going on with the London art world. I exhibit and sell my paintings online with and decided to get in touch with its owner Paul Wynter to get the latest updates.

Londonart – What Art really Sells? I talked to the Founder of

I stumbled onto the Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory (CACD) the other day. It appeared on the first page of my Google search for ‘Cornwall art’ and I was intrigued to find out more. I’m always inspired to see people reaching out and pulling together a community – to be able to do this successfully you need to be visible – and this website is. I immediately sent a request to join the directory. I received a very quick and friendly response and my listing is as below.

An Interview with Owner of Cornwall Arts and Creative Directory (CACD)

With only a week to go before Cornwall’s Open Studios begins, Doodie is racing around ensuring that everything is ready for the first opening day. From the 27th May to the 4th June Artists across Cornwall ‘throw’ open their doors to allow the public to get a privileged and unique insight into the homes of people from one of the most creative counties in the UK.

Doodie’s Doodles at Open Studio Cornwall 2017

I'm very happy with my painting, I love the use of colour and texture which brings the scene to life in a unique way. I will definitely be purchasing another one day!

Alison Murphy

Many people think buying original art is beyond their financial reach, an expensive luxury that is only available to the upper class. However times have changed and the Internet has opened up a world where artists can reach people and people can reach artists. The best thing about that is, without galleries – the price of art is much more affordable.

Buy Direct From The Artist – How to Buy Art Directly from Artists

Cornwall is well known for it’s art community, as an artist myself I am very interested in a county which is famous for it’s history, tourist escapes and it’s art inspired scenery. I have this idealistic view of an artist in Cornwall; painting outside as well and soaking up inspiration, then meeting up with other artists and sharing their ideas. It’s something I’m interested in finding out more about.During my research into Cornish artists I saw a couple of paintings by Amanda Hoskin.

Amanda Hoskin – Successful Cornish Artist

So many artists are struggling to get by with full or part-time jobs in order to pay the bills. There are many of us out there, and we know that we can’t rely on an online gallery to build up a customer base, therefore have to be more creative in order to build a business around doing what we love. How do many of us start? We create an art blog. You’re reading my blog now! But the key question is, how do we create a successful art blog? How can we generate traffic and more importantly, how can we generate the right kind of traffic?

How To Create A Successful Art Blog

It’s difficult when you’ve just finished a painting to take an objective view; you’ve just put all that hard work into it and you feel that you deserve for the painting to be finished. It’s the first time you see it complete and everything is still fresh. Is your painting ready to sell?

How Do You Know When Your Painting Is Ready To Sell?

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