A Stroll along Dover Cliffs

Dover Cliffs Painting

Acrylic and enamel on canvas with painted sides

56x46cm/22×18″ (2016)


Dover Cliffs Painting

Original Contemporary Kent Dover Cliffs Landscape Painting

By Artist Diane Griffiths

I lived in the beautiful county of Kent for 10 years and visited many parts of the countryside and coastline. One of my favourite sections are the majestic white cliffs of Dover. The sky is vibrant and alive with dreamy blues merging and hinting at the clouds passing overhead.

It’s easy to recollect the stories of Spitfires flying over the cliffs, now just ghosts in the vast sky, but the memories are still alive; in the coastline and the famous historic Dover Castle.

The sea reflects the blue colour of the sky and the cliffs are lit up with bright summer greens. It’s a beautiful day and you can often see a couple of horses grazing on the cliff-tops, it’s great to see them wandering free; one has made it into my painting crossing casually over coastal path.

There is some creative license taken with this painting, those who know Dover well know that the juxtaposition of the castle and the cliffs have been juggled slightly to allow my favourite elements to be captured in one painting. I love this representation of Dover and looking at it ignites my fond memories of the area.

Absolutely stunning work of art! Arrived well packed and in perfect time!