Faversham Oyster Bay House

Faversham Painting

Acrylic on canvas with painted sides

40x56cm/16×22″ (2016)


Faversham Painting

Original Contemporary Kent Faversham Landscape Painting

By Artist Diane Griffiths

Experience the immediate beauty of the Swale landscape; with pinks and greens flowing from the painting and surrounding the iconic Oyster Bay House. There is a gentle vibrancy in this painting, the colours flowing down the creek and towards the boats.

The ancient town of Faversham and it’s surrounding creeks has an exclusive attractiveness with views across ageless farmland and glistening wetlands; rich with wildlife and wild plants it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon rambling along the many popular trails, perhaps with a sneaky stop at one of my favourites; the Ship Inn, Conyer, Teynham.