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St Michael’s Mount Sunset [Reserved]

St Michael’s Mount Painting

Acrylic and enamel on canvas with painted sides

76x61cm/30×24″ (2016)


St Michael’s Mount Painting

Original Contemporary Cornish St Michaels Mount Landscape Painting

By Cornish Artist Diane Griffiths

This is a large, bright and uplifting painting of a magical place drenched in magical colours. The sky is a compositional flurry of clouds, saturated with the rich buttery energetic colours of the setting sun. St Michael’s Mount sits majestically on the horizontal with the causeway stretching across the canvas.

Work in Progress

To start with I sketched out a rough outline and painted an initial layer in order to establish where the elements will sit. From there I worked on building up the different colours and textures. The next step was to work on the detail of the mount and the rocks, working out how the colour bounced off the sea and the landscape. The final piece is rich with colour.