Walking the Gannel

Gannel Art

Acrylic and enamel on Clairefontaine natural canvas board

30x30cm/12×12″ (2017)


Gannel Art

Original Contemporary Cornish Gannel Art Petite Painting

By Cornish Artist Diane Griffiths.

This was inspired by a walk along the Gannel, Newquay, at low tide. The weather was changeable, dark clouds one minute and bright sunshine streaming through the next. This view looks out towards the entrance of the Gannel, which is just around the corner out of sight; the large trees of Pentire headland on the right with part of the river spilling in from the left. It’s a special and unique walk along the Gannel, but you do have to be aware of the tide times and ensure you know where the bridges are!

Work in Progress

The first layer of the painting is always a bit of a gamble, but always quite a lot of fun. In the first image I’ve captured the turbulent changeable sky and the dusty colours of the sand. Next I’ve drafted in the shapes of the land and the trees, picking out the shadows and highlights. In the third image more detail has been added to the foliage and I’ve introduced some of the water which spills into the landscape and actually spills into the painting. In the final image you can see that the water has dried, but left a wonderful effect of water spilling into the painting.