Wheal Coates St Agnes

Wheal Coates Art

Acrylic and enamel on Clairefontaine natural canvas board

30x30cm/12×12″ (2017)


Wheal Coates Art

Original Contemporary Cornish Wheal Coates Art Petite Painting

By Cornish Artist Diane Griffiths

Wheal Coates is an old tin mine sitting on the cliff tops between Porthtowan and St Agnes. It’s one of the most iconic tin mines within Cornwall because of it’s stunning cliff-top settings. This one of many beautiful coastlines on the north Cornwall coast. Surprisingly the focus of this painting is more on the slightly chaotic and theatrical sky, rather than the tin mine itself, the building helps you to place the painting – but it’s the sky which draws the attention.

Work in Progress

With this piece I wanted the focus to be the dramatic swirling sky dancing overhead, only then complemented by the historic building of the tin mine. In the first image you can see the first layer of colour which was a successful layer for me, it gave me a strong foundation to work on. Next I added in more detail in the cliffs to start building up the coastline. It’s a bit dark at this stage, so the next step was to pull the colour and light together to create the finished piece.