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I was born and raised in Staffordshire in the Midlands, UK. After studying in Manchester, then working in London, I've recently moved to Cornwall. I'm often engulfed by the frenzy of busyness as life rushes by me; I work for an advertising implementation company in London where spreadsheets, processes and getting everything ready for yesterday is my daily diet. It's hard to stop and take a breath sometimes.

Art is one of the few things that helps me to take a minute, grab some fresh perspective and then remember that it's ok to take some time for me.

What do I enjoy? Long walks with my camera, quality time with my painting and spending time with the people I love. I mainly paint British landscapes and wildlife portraits. I absolutely love where I live and don’t get bored exploring and painting the diverse and historical landscape within the UK.

My work is created in a combination of acrylics and enamels which allows me to play about creatively with tones and textures using enamels but also capture the detail of the scene with the flexibility of acrylics. I’m heavily influenced by impressionism and post-impressionism, I enjoy playing with colour, light and texture. I also aim to inject an emotive and almost allusive air to my landscapes – we’re not just recognising the landscape but recognising an emotion that the landscape evokes. I look for new ways to represent familiar landscapes, to help people to recollect their cherished memories or tap into their aspirations, inspired by their favourite UK locations.

Perhaps art can’t change or save the world, but I believe it can help to change or save the individual.

It certainly did for me.