Lusty Glaze Newquay Art

Fresh from the easel – Lusty Glaze Newquay  – This painting is about colour and contrast, aiming to catch the eye like it would in real life, the rocks providing a dynamic composition cutting through the middle of the canvas as you stroll along Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay – acrylic, oil and enamel on canvas 50x50cm with painted sides.

Fresh from the Easel – Lusty Glaze Newquay

Zacrys Islands Newquay Art

Fresh from the easel – Zacry’s Islands Newquay – Here we can see the view along the coast to Zacry’s Islands with #TrevelgueHead and the #Newquay coastline in the distance – acrylic, oil and enamel on canvas 50x50cm with painted sides.

Fresh from the Easel – Zacry’s Islands Newquay

Godrevy Lighthouse Art

Fresh from the easel – Godrevy sits on an island with cliffs and jagged rocks that tumble into the sea. The simplicity of the composition adds emphasis to the clouds moving quickly across the sky, the changeable weather and light means that you see something different with every blink. #Godrevy #NationalTrust – acrylic, oil and enamel on canvas 50x50cm with painted sides.

Fresh from the Easel – Godrevy

Sue Read Cornish Artist

I’ve been following Sue on Instagram for a while and love her raw interpretation of Cornwall; wild seas, tangled hedges and crazy skies. I wanted to find out more about her journey.

Sue Read – The Raw Cornish Coast

Spray Enamel

One of my secret weapons are my spray enamels. I love the abstract effects you can create when combining these paints.


Acrylic Paint

Although I do use oils I still slightly prefer the control I have over acrylics and the fast drying time. Important if you want to layer and you’re feeling inspired!


Newquay Society of Artists

A big thank you to the Newquay Society of Artists for my winning voucher – I have spent it wisely!


Watergate Bay Newquay Sunset

This week I joined the Newquay Society of Artists! I heard about the Newquay Society of Artists after noticing various exhibitions popping up over the summer. After discovering that they have a full line-up of demonstrations and exhibitions planned for 2018-2019 I was keen to join.

Joined Newquay Society of Artists!

"My husband and I are about to retire from Derbyshire back to our southern roots, but specifically, westwards to our soul home of Cornwall. We're a couple of nature nuts, and know the western end of the county like the backs of our hand - your two superb pieces of original artwork will really "warm" the brilliant white walls of the new Cornish home we hope we'll soon be moving into! The two paintings absolutely capture the places on a couple of our favourite walks from Gwennap Head. The colours and textures do the subjects especial justice and really capture the mood of the locations, frankly impossible through an equivalent photograph. We are utterly impressed - first class - what a talent, Diane!"

Maria Claughton
Painters Online Article

My Artistic Search for…More! In school I learned about line, form, light and shadow, I learned these skills carefully and aimed to recreate what I saw on the page. We used acrylic paint and I was good at this; able to create an accurate representation of what I was copying. This was praised at first, then criticised. After being taught how to capture what I saw accurately I was then encouraged to be inaccurate. Students around me were being applauded for originality, intention and concept – more than skill and technique.

My Artistic Search for…More! Featured in Painters Online

As an artist I want to capture your interest within seconds. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; I like to talk to my readers in a glance. And perhaps, in that glance, a piece of art can move you in an inexplicable way; it can suggest, evoke and enthral. Perhaps art can’t change or save the world, but I believe it can help to change or save the individual. It certainly did for me.

As an Artist

Newquay’s Arts and Culture Festival Art8 brings together the community and covers many areas of art; events, exhibits and workshops involving film, craft, spoken word, dance, photography, theatre, music, literature and more. Art8 returns to Newquay from 18th – 20th May 2018 . Steam Bar will be partners for the 2018 festival hosting a range of exhibitions and events over the weekend alongside other local venues.

Art8 Newquay 2018

Having only moved to Cornwall last year I am really keen to search out other Cornish artists and find out more about their art and how they find Cornwall. For me it’s about expanding my knowledge and my network; discovering about Cornwall and how it inspires people. One of the names which kept coming up in my searches was Melanie McDonald. I had to find out more.

Melanie McDonald – Conjure up Cornish Memories

Stunning coastal landscapes and more. Bought a beautiful original painting of Fern Pit Cafe, Newquay as a Christmas present for my husband, whose family has owned the property for generations. Amazing atmospheric sky and realistic view of the cafe. Delighted to have it as the centre piece in our lounge.

Julie King

Oil or Acrylic? It’s an age old question and one I’ve struggled with for a while. As a general rule, and admittedly what swayed me for many years, is that acrylics are cheaper and more affordable than oils. At that rather shallow analysis in my equally shallow youth, I left it at that and for years I painted with acrylics. That’s not a terrible thing by the way, I love acrylics – but I’ve often wondered whether I’m missing out.

Oil or Acrylic? What is best to use?

Whistlefish Whistlefish is a greetings cards, art, gifts and stationery company founded by artist Lyn Thompson. They support artists locally and nationally but handpicking a selection of favourites in traditional, contemporary and modern styles. I’m pleased to announce that I have now joined their band of handpicked artists and some of my work features on their products.

Whistlefish – Hand on Art features on Whistlefish Products

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