I grew up in the Midlands, so going to the coast was always a real treat for me; that first moment when the sea comes into view and you want to be the first one so see it!

It’s my memories of seaside holidays which left a lasting impression and inspired me to try and capture that holiday feeling on canvas.

That’s what art means to me; capturing how I feel about a something on canvas.

However it doesn’t end there – I love looking at my paintings; memories of the subject or location, but also the colour and textured mark-making on the canvas.

I use a combination of acrylics, oils and enamels in order to construct my images.

I usually paint on a square canvas, I love the aesthetics of this format but it also allows both me and my customers to mix and match paintings in a room.

I moved to Cornwall in 2017 and it’s no surprise that it’s been the focus of my art.


My signature collection ‘Beachscapes’ are inspired a much loved painter, L.S. Lowry. My beachscapes feel like a world away from the mill scenes and industrial landscapes of Lowry’s work; where the figures are often leaning forward with heads down, moving towards their destination rather than enjoying being where they are.  And yet many people are reminded of Lowry when they look at these paintings.

Please feel free to browse my online shop either by size, location or collection. I also offer a range of art prints and printed gifts as well as original art.

Buying directly from the artist allows me to keep my art affordable, if you have any questions please drop me an email diane@handonart.com